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What Makes a Harley Davidson So Special?

Whether or not you are an owner of a Harley Davidson, most people can recognize and agree that Harley Davidson motorcycles and the Harley Davidson brand are one of the most highly recognized on the planet. So, what makes them so special? Most Harley riders will tell you that the experience of riding their Harley is like no other experience and the culture and lifestyle makes them feel like part of something GREAT.

But what about the design and make-up make them stand out amongst all others? Let’s break down some of the big reasons Harley Davidson is so special.

Built To Last

One word that comes to mind when you think Harley is DURABILITY. These motorcycle are built to last. With innovative designs that are second to none, and engines that are state-of-the-art, you know that your Harley will be there for you for years to come.

At BJ's our technicians excel at Harley Davidson customization.

Something for Everyone

Harley Davidson understands that your ride needs to fit you. Both your personality, as well as your physical self! With that in mind there are styles and sizes to fit anyone, and with Harley Davidson customization services from BJ’s you can really make your bike your very own!

We’ve Got Your Parts

When and if you do need replacement parts, Harley Davidson is known for having readily available parts for your repair and maintenance needs. At BJ’s Cycles, we can get the parts you need, and we have passionate, highly qualified technicians to keep you on the road at all times!

More on Making it Your Own

The amount of amazing accessories that are available for Harley Davidsons makes it possible to really customize the look (and ride!) of your bike. With everything from seats, handlebars, LED lighting, saddlebags, to modifications that improve performance, and so much more, it’s easy to see why we love being your Des Moines, IA custom motorcycle shop!

Well Defined Maintenance Schedule

When you own a Harley Davidson, you have the peace of mind knowing that there is a really well defined maintenance schedule. If followed, this schedule will keep your bike going for a long time so you can “Ride it Llke You Stole it!” For much longer! Know you can count on BJ’s Cycles for all your Harley maintenance needs.

If you have a Harley Davidson and are interested in customization, or need maintenance, contact our team at BJ’s Cycles today! If you don’t have a Harley yet….What are you waiting for!


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