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BJ’s Offers All Harley Davidson Recommended Service Intervals

Be Ready for the Biggest Motorcycle Events with Service from BJ’s!

August is the month for the biggest, baddest, bike rally all year! Here at BJ’s Cycles, we want to make sure that your bike is ready for the big event, and every memorable bike event throughout the year. That is why we offer all service intervals to keep your ride in top shape and ready to ride it like you stole it all year around! So what are the typical Harley Davidson recommended service intervals, and how close should you stick to them to make sure your motorcycle lives its best life?

Learn about Harley Davidson recommended service intervals, and considerations that affect your need for maintenance.

Recommended Harley Davidson Service Intervals

From miles 0 to 1,000 you are breaking in your new Harley, riding conservatively to ensure even wear. For all models it is recommended that you start your regular service intervals at 1000 miles. The schedule then follows this standard:

  • 1000 miles

  • 2500 miles

  • 5000 miles

  • 7500 miles

  • 10,000 miles

  • 20,000 miles

For each visit you will be looking at certain common services such as changing the engine oil and oil filter, checking break fluid and lubricant levels and so on. Other services will be more specific to the age of the bike.

Why is Following the Recommended Service Schedule Important?

Let’s face it, the most likely reason that you own a Harley Davidson is for it’s quality. It is almost expected that you look at your Harley as an investment for a lifetime, or at the very least, a long haul. In order to protect your investment, and even when your bike is newer, following the Harley Davidson recommended service intervals allows you to maintain peak performance.

At BJ’s our mechanics understand that there are various factors that can impact when and how often you may want to have your motorcycle serviced. There are other aspects to consider such as:

  1. Do I more often ride by Harley in town, or the open road?

  2. How often do I ride by motorcycle?

  3. How would I describe my riding style?

With this in mind, there is some fluctuation to the service intervals, however the rule of thumb is that you need to have your bike serviced 5 times in the first 20,000 miles, with that additional initial visit at 1000 miles. If you have any question about your personal riding style and usage habits, and how that may affect your motorcycle, do not hesitate to let us know!

Our mechanics are standing by to help with your regular maintenance needs. Be ready for the biggest, baddest bike rally coming up soon, by giving us a call to get your appointment scheduled. Peak performance will only make your rally experience better!

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