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Motorcycle Winter Storage: Why You Should Store Indoors

At BJ's Cycles, we offer motorcycle storage for the winter months. You may already have a plan for the storage of your ride, but if you do not, here are 4 reasons that finding good indoor storage is the right thing for your Harley Davidson.

Indoor Motorcycle Storage Keeps Your Bike Clean

Everyone knows that winter is notorious for making EVERYTHING dirty and grimy. When you park your bike safely at BJ's Cycles for the winter, you can be sure that it will remain clean, protecting both the body as well as every important thing that makes your ride run right. Prevent damage such as rust that comes with exposure to grime caused by winter weather!

BJ's Cycles Storage is Dry & Well Ventilated

A key factor in keeping your motorcycle safe over the winter months is to keep it dry. Moisture can affect many parts of your bike, from the paint to the motor. If just kept outside or even in a garage with a cover, moisture can build up and damage your ride before spring comes. BJ's Cycles motorcycle winter storage offers a climate controlled space, eliminating the worry of moisture.

Get a 36 Point Inspection

If you store your motorcycle with BJ's Cycles by November, you also will get a 36 point inspection as part of our winter storage special. This special runs from November through April 1, 2023. A thorough inspection will start the winter months off right so that you know when riding season comes again, your bike will be fully ready to ride, right from the start.

Lower Your Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Some insurance providers offer motorcycle storage insurance rates. This means that for the period that your bike is stored, you receive a different rate that still covers your motorcycle against theft or damage. Unlike your winter utility bills, your insurance rates can save you money if you safely store your bike for the winter.

Motorcycle Winter Storage in Des Moines that You Can Trust

This winter, trust the safety and security of your Harley to the professionals at BJ's Cycles. We are currently offering our winterization special for the months of November through April. Give us a call at 505-823-4050 to reserve your space. We look forward to hearing from you!

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