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Steps to Follow When Taking Your Harley Out of Storage

If you're a proud owner of a Harley Davidson, then you know that putting it in storage during the winter months is a necessary step to ensure its longevity. But now that spring is here, it's time to take it out of storage and get it ready for the riding season. Here are some tips to ensure that your Harley is ready to hit the road:

  1. Perform a visual inspection: Before you do anything, give your Harley a thorough once-over. Check for any signs of damage, corrosion, or wear and tear. Look for loose bolts, broken parts, and signs of leaks. If you find anything that needs attention, take care of it before you take your bike out for a spin.

  2. Change the oil and filter: Even if you changed the oil before storing your bike, it's a good idea to change it again now. Over time, moisture can accumulate in the oil and cause damage to the engine. Also, be sure to change the oil filter as well.

  3. Check the battery: If you left your battery in the bike over the winter, it may have lost some of its charge. Before you try to start your Harley, make sure the battery is fully charged. If it's not, charge it before attempting to start the bike.

  4. Inspect the tires: Check the tires for any signs of cracking or damage. If your bike has been sitting for a while, the tires may have lost some air pressure. Make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure before taking your Harley out for a ride.

  5. Test the brakes: Give your brakes a test to make sure they are functioning properly. Squeeze the brake lever and make sure it feels firm. If it doesn't, you may need to bleed the brakes or replace the brake fluid.

  6. Start it up: Now that you've checked everything, it's time to start your Harley up. Let it idle for a few minutes to warm up before taking it for a ride. Keep an ear out for any unusual noises and watch the temperature gauge to make sure your engine doesn't overheat.

  7. Take it for a ride: Finally, take your Harley out for a short ride to make sure everything is working properly. Pay attention to how the bike handles, the brakes, the throttle, and the clutch. If everything feels good, you're ready to hit the road!

This image shows bikes being stored at the garage located at BJ's Cycles in Des Moines, IA

Taking your Harley out of storage after the winter months can be an exciting time. Just make sure you follow these tips to ensure that your bike is in top condition and ready for the riding season.

Remember that BJ's Cycles is your Des Moines area bike shop for all your service, customization, and repair needs! We are happy to give your bike a post storage once over and ensure you are ready to ride! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

And most importantly, remember to RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!


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