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Your Custom Motorcycle Shop: "Just Do What You Do"

When it comes to customization in Des Moines, Iowa, BJ's Cycles has you covered

Here at BJ's Cycles we are so proud and happy to provide Harley customization services to Des Moines, Iowa and the surrounding area. We are getting started on projects for the fall/winter season right now, getting our local riders ready for next spring with custom work that will swivel heads next season. We are lucky enough to have a customer base that even says "Just do what you do" and to us, that is a huge compliment. Our goal is to see you happy!

Common Customizations for Your Harley

Customization of your Harley serves more than one purpose. We want your bike to be the perfect fit for you. Will you take long rides? Will you have a passenger? Do you like to listen to music on your ride? Thinking of how you plan to enjoy your Harley. This means that it needs to be just right for comfort, and for your personal style. Here are some common customizations, that will tailor your Harley to be the ultimate riding experience for you:


The handlebars on your bike can help define its look, and there are several types to choose from: Ape & Baby Ape Hangers, Drag Bars, T-bars, and more. Looks aside, the right handlebars on your Harley can enhance the comfort of your ride based on the type of bike you have, your height and other factors. Consult with us on the perfect set for your bike, to give that perfect combination of look and comfort you are seeking.


Lighting for your Harley Davidson is important for your safety and to give it personalized look. Custom lighting will offer a better beam for your ride, making you easily seen, and easier for you to see as well. At BJ's Cycles we offer lighting options that are state-of-the-art, offering unique looks coupled with the best technology available today.


When you go out, will you ride solo, or have a passenger? The seating on your bike sets the tone for your overall comfort as well as the comfort of any passengers to take with you. It also can be a big statement lending to the overall look for your Harley. With a large selection of options, we can help you choose the best seat to fit your needs.

Other Harley Davidson Customizations

There are so many other custom features you can bring to your ride. This includes:

  • Suspension: What are the conditions of the roads that you regularly ride on?

  • Grips: The perfect set of handlebar grips can really aid in the comfort of your ride.

  • Foot pedals: Long rides can lead to cramping feet and legs, the right pedals can help!

  • Windshields: Built to protect you on the road, the right one provides safety and looks.

  • GPS & Audio features: Know where to go and have the right sound to go with you.

  • and more....

Your Des Moines Harley Davidson Custom Motorcycle Shop

The takeaway here as that Harley Davidson Motorcycles are built to be customized, and with the abundance of options available on the market today, we can help guide you through what is available, to make the selections that are just right for you. Contact us today, with the fall and winter months now here, we can work diligently to get your ride ready for next season!


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