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Spring Harley Davidson Servicing Checklist

The winter months for a Harley lover have been long….too long. Even with a few warm days here and there, we know that you are ready for long, relaxing rides around the Iowa countryside, and we do not blame you, we get it!

With that in mind, it is time to get your Harley serviced and ready to go, so all you have to do is rev up and ride when the time comes! BJ’s Cycles certified Harley Davidson master technician is ready to get you on the road this spring. Here is a checklist of services to prep your ride this spring:

Check Your Rims and Tires

A thorough inspection of your Harley’s rims and tires will not only ensure a smooth ride, but will keep you safe on your upcoming road trips. Ready for a change? We can also get you set up with custom rims for your Harley just in time for warmer weather.

BJ's Cycles can check your rims and tires, or even get you custom Harley rims, just in time for spring!

Suspension Check

Speaking of smooth rides, a close up look at your motorcycle’s suspension is a must when you are prepping for spring. Was your last ride of the season in 2021 bumpy or uncomfortable? We can check your shocks, ensure proper pressure, and make sure everything is aligned exactly as it should be so you are ready to travel.

Oil and Filter Changes

If you did not change your oil or filter before the winter months, after you take your bike out of storage, this is a must. BJ’s can get your oil and filters changed, and in addition check all other fluids such as hydraulic fluid, coolant, and battery fluid. Now is the time to refresh your bike, so you are good to go.

Test the Battery and Brakes

To properly ensure a clean bill of health for your Harley, we will check your battery to make sure it is charged up. Winter can take a toll on your battery, even if you have the best storage situation. A careful once-over of all the components of your brake system will give you peace of mind as you hop on for your first ride.

A Final Overall Check

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. With that in mind we will give your Harley a serious final check, including:

  • Lights

  • Signals

  • Forks

  • Gauges

  • Chassis

  • Belts

  • Chains

When you are ready to get out and ride, you will be looking and feeling great! We also provide Harley customization service, so if you are thinking of changing up your ride, we can consult with you to make those changes a reality.

Give us a call at the shop! We are geared up and ready to get you on the road for Spring. Get all the latest news from BJ's Cycles by following us on Facebook.


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