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Selecting the Right Tires for Your Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson motorcycles are iconic machines that are known for their style, power, and ability to turn heads. As any rider knows, selecting the right tires for your Harley is essential for a smooth and safe ride. With so many different tire options available, it can be challenging to know which ones are the right fit for your bike. In this blog post, we'll go over some key considerations when selecting the right tires for your Harley Davidson motorcycle.

BJ's helps in selecting the right tires for your Harley, as they have for the motorcycles shown here.

Consider the type of riding you do: Before selecting your tires, you need to consider the type of riding you do. Do you mostly ride on highways or back roads? Do you take your Harley off-road? Knowing your typical riding conditions will help you choose the right tire that will give you the best performance and longevity.

Look at tire size: The size of your tire is critical for your bike's performance. It's essential to select a tire that is the correct size for your motorcycle. You can find the correct tire size in your owner's manual or by contacting your Harley dealer.

Check the tire's load rating: Every tire has a load rating, which is the maximum weight it can safely carry. You need to make sure that the load rating of your tires is suitable for your Harley Davidson motorcycle's weight and load capacity.

Consider the tire's tread pattern: The tire's tread pattern affects how it handles different types of terrain. For example, if you're looking to ride your Harley on wet or slippery roads, you'll want a tire with a more aggressive tread pattern that can provide better traction. However, if you're mostly riding on highways, a tire with a smoother tread pattern will give you a more comfortable ride.

Think about the tire's brand and quality: Lastly, you want to consider the brand and quality of the tire you're purchasing. Choosing a well-known and reputable tire brand ensures that you're getting a high-quality product that will last.

Selecting the right tires for your Harley Davidson is easy with a selection like this!

Selecting the right tires for your Harley Davidson motorcycle is crucial for your safety and the performance of your bike. By considering the type of riding you do, tire size, load rating, tread pattern, and tire brand, you can find the perfect set of tires that will give you a smooth and safe ride for years to come. The pros at BJ's Cycles are here to help you if you're not sure which tires are right for your bike, contact us today to discuss your needs and we will set you up with the right set! In addition we can help you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for tire maintenance and replacement.

This way you can always.....RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!

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