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Preparing Your Motorcycle for Winter: The Ultimate Winterization Checklist

If you haven’t already, we know you’re thinking about winter storage for your motorcycle. We’ve had a few nice days late in the season but those days are shorter and coming less frequently. It’s definitely time to prepare it for winter and storage. Once it dips below freezing it’s time to put your bike away. We always recommend not putting off maintenance till spring. We’ve got the all-inclusive prep list for you so you can take ultimate care of your ride.

Things to consider:

  1. How long will you be storing your bike?

  2. Will it be stored outside or inside?

  3. How harsh is it supposed to be this winter?

We recommend finding a storage location if you don’t have off-season motorcycle storage space at home.


Your Ultimate Storage Checklist

Clean & Wax Exterior Clean and dry all surfaces of your bike. Follow it up with a wax. We know, it’s a no-brainer. But it’s important to point out considering how important it is for the longevity of your motorcycle and its condition. You’ll be glad you did when a good weather day comes around and you just want to get out for a ride. Lubricate! Coating your internal components is incredibly important when putting your bike away for the season. We rely on Bel Ray Fluids, a leader in lubrication technology for our industry. They protect components from moisture. Protect Your Fuel Tank By filling up your tank you can protect your fuel tank walls from moisture as well. Top off with a fuel additive for the best protection. Remember that gas should not be used after 6 months so keep it in mind considering your storage timeframe. Oil & Filter With our Bel Ray Fluids along with S&S Filters, your motorcycle is in the best hands for the winter. Prevent corrosion from old oil and be ready to ride right away in the spring. Consider a Battery Charger It may be a good idea for longer storage to remove your battery. If you leave the battery installed we recommend a quick start-up every few weeks to ensure you’re good to go. Another alternative is to use a battery charger like the CTEK charger to keep the battery topped off while in storage.

Is it Time for New Tires? If you’re questioning if you might need new tires, you probably do. Now is a good time to consider tires so you are ready to roll in the spring. Rotate tires during the off-season and fill to max PSI. Another option is to get as much weight off the tires as possible with a motorcycle stand. Keep the pressure off those tires! Keep Pests OUT Muffler covers are your friends. They keep mice and other pests out of your bike. You never know what’s hiding in the places you store your motorcycle so make sure you’re prepared. Cover Her Up We get that you want to peek out and look at your motorcycle every so often. We do it too. But a protective cover is added protection from temperature changes and moisture so make sure to cover her up.


Stop in and see us! We can help you prepare your motorcycle for winter. We are Central Iowa’s Premier Harley Davidson service, repair and customization shop and we will treat your motorcycle like it was our own. Here’s to a fast winter with some early riding days this spring everyone!

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