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Essential Harley Davidson Motorcycle Motor Repair Tips: Be Summer Ride Ready

As summer approaches, it's time to prepare your Harley Davidson for the open road. The warmer months offer perfect riding weather, but they can also be tough on your bike's engine. To ensure your Harley performs at its best, it's crucial to give your motor the attention it deserves. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting your Harley Davidson engine ready for summer, focusing on essential motorcycle motor repair and maintenance tasks.

BJ's Cycles technician working on motorcycle motor repair.

Why Summer Prep is Crucial for Your Harley's Engine

Summer heat can significantly impact your motorcycle's engine. High temperatures can cause your engine to overheat, affecting its performance and potentially leading to costly repairs. Pre-season motor checks are essential to prevent breakdowns and ensure your bike runs smoothly throughout the summer.

Top Motor Repair Checks Before Hitting the Road

Oil & Fluid Levels:

  • Importance: Fresh oil keeps your engine lubricated and running efficiently. Old or low oil levels can cause increased friction and wear.

  • Our techs will: Change your oil and check all fluid levels, including brake fluid and coolant, before your first summer ride.

Cooling System Maintenance:

  • Importance: A well-maintained cooling system prevents your engine from overheating.

  • Our techs will: Inspect the radiator and coolant hoses for leaks and ensure the coolant is at the proper level.

Spark Plug Inspection:

  • Importance: Spark plugs are crucial for engine performance. Worn or dirty spark plugs can lead to misfires and reduced efficiency.

  • Our techs will: Check and replace spark plugs if necessary. This simple step can make a significant difference in engine performance.

Air Filter Replacement:

  • Importance: A clean air filter ensures that your engine receives the proper air-fuel mixture, improving performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Our techs will: Replace your air filter if it’s dirty or clogged. A clean air filter helps your engine breathe better.

Learn more about regular service intervals with our Servicing Checklist.

Signs Your Harley's Engine Needs Professional Attention

It's important to know when your engine requires professional help from the BJ's Cycles team. Look out for these common signs of engine trouble and let us know so that we can help:

  • Unusual noises or vibrations

  • Noticeable drop in performance or power

  • Leaks or strange odors

  • Difficulty starting the engine

If you are experiencing any of these issues, do not delay. Keep your ride summer ready by contacting BJ's Cycles for a thorough inspection and repair.

Upgrading Your Harley's Engine for Better Summer Performance

Consider upgrading your engine to enhance performance and reliability during summer rides. (our certified techs can discuss what is best for your ride with you!):

  • Performance Kits: These kits can increase power and torque, making your rides more enjoyable.

  • High-Flow Air Filters: Improve airflow to your engine, boosting performance.

  • Exhaust Systems: Upgrading to a high-performance exhaust system can enhance both power and sound.

These upgrades can provide better fuel efficiency and overall improved riding experience.

DIY vs. Professional Motorcycle Motor Repairs

While some motor maintenance tasks can be done at home, others are best left to professionals. DIY repairs can be cost-effective, but they require time, tools, and expertise. Professional services ensure your engine is thoroughly inspected and repaired by experts, saving you time and potential headaches.

Take it From Satisfied BJ's Cycles Customers

Many of our customers have trusted BJ’s Cycles with their pre-summer motor preparations. Here is what Tom had to say about BJ's Cycles work on his motorcycles:

"This the pinnacle of motorcycle service in the area.

Never have I been disappointed with ANY work done to my bikes. Phil has built and repaired everything I've ever ridden on 2 wheels. He says, "Now I can ride it like I stole it" I won't, but I have the confidence that I can."

Be Summer Ready, Schedule an Inspection Today

Don't let engine troubles ruin your summer adventures. Schedule a motor check-up with BJ’s Cycles today. Our techs are highly skilled in both motor repair and maintenance to ensure your Harley or American V-Twin is road-ready.

Preparing your motorcycle's engine for summer is essential for a smooth and enjoyable riding season. With our professional motor repair services, BJ’s Cycles has you covered. Contact us

or visit us to ensure your bike is in top shape for the summer. ... And always remember to "Ride it Like You Stole It!"


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