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Project Feature: Harley Motor Build that Proves Very Rewarding

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

BJ’s Cycles had the recent pleasure of completing a motor build project that proved to be both rewarding for us and sentimental for the Harley owner. This project proved to be one of those moments that remind you that Harley service and customization is more than a job we do! It is a chance to have a positive impact and help a valued client make new memories with a cherished cycle.

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In Search of a Special Harley

About a year ago, our client Jeff had posted to Facebook that he was looking to get back his first Harley Davidson that had been originally painted by his father. Back in 2004 he had traded it for a concrete truck for his business. With some effort, and the trade of an old 1930 Harley Davidson, Jeff was finally able to get his original HD back. Now it was time to breath new life into it.

A Fun and Rewarding Harley Motor Build

With the help of some old photos, and some people committed to bringing this Harley back to life, the work began. A good friend of Jeff’s chased down all the parts to get the ball rolling. J.R, our certified Harley Davidson Technician, completed the motor build, and a very talented local painter saved the 22 year old paint. When everything was finished, this Harley Davidson looked as good as Jeff remembered it over 20 years ago!

At BJ’s Cycles, we love builds like this! Aside from working on a beautiful bike, it is the knowledge that this ride will give its owner new, lasting memories as he “Blasts out some miles” as soon as he can! The sentimental connection to this Harley made it memorable for us too.

Have a Harley that Needs New Life?

Do you have a project that involves an old, cherished Harley Davidson that you are ready to get started on? BJ’s would love to hear from you. BJ’s Cycles is here for all your Harley Davidson service, repairs and customization needs. We do everything from oil changes, tire changes, service work, suspension setups, motor builds to full blown customization of your Harley Davidson.

Our thanks to Jeff for sharing the story, and for the opportunity to work on his HD!

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