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What is the Benefit of a Harley Davidson Shop with a Master Technician?

When it comes to the repair and maintenance of your motorcycle, we think you will agree that only the best will do. That is why, at BJ’s Cycles we are proud to have a Harley Davidson certified master technician and master electrician as part of our team. You may wonder, what is the benefit of having a master technician, is there REALLY a difference? The answer is a strong yes.

What is a Harley Davidson Certified Master Technician?

As a mechanic training in the field working on Harley Davidsons, and other motorcycles, there are levels of achievement that you can reach in your career. There is no other level of achievement and knowledge than that of a Harley Davidson master technician.

Once you have reached the level of motorcycle master technician, you are qualified to diagnose, repair, and service at the top level, and educate others that follow in your footsteps. There is no higher level, and if you prize your motorcycle as we image you do, that is who you want working on your ride.

BJ's Cycles has a Harley Davidson certified master technician and master electrician.
Jr, BJ's Cycles Master Technician

BJ’s Cycles Offers a Top Notch Staff, Including a Motorcycle Master Technician

Jr is our lead tech and has been with BJ'S CYCLES from day one. He's a Certified Master Technician and Master Electrician from Harley , along with numerous other certifications in the last 20 plus years. Meticulous and very thorough is the best way to describe his work. He truly is a great asset to our company. It is very important to us that you feel the level of trust that we know you deserve when you bring your motorcycle to us.

Don’t Wait to Service Your Motorcycle! Spring Will Be Here Soon.

There is so much going on at the shop right now, and we remain motivated and excited, even though it is winter. Our goal is to get your ride ready for riding season, so you are ready to go! Jr, and the rest of our team stand ready to work on your bike:

  • Regular Service Intervals

  • Customization

  • Audio Upgrades

  • LED Lighting

  • Tires & Rims

  • Suspensions

  • Motors

  • And more!

At BJ’s Cycles, we cut no corners when we work on your motorcycle. Let us know what we can you for you! Contact us today to get your ride in so that when riding season arrives, you can RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!

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